Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aemuti Geet-music video album

Sadananda Gogoi's latest music video album "Aemuthi Geet"
(Singer/Composer/Lyricist/Director by Sadanada Gogoi)
You can watch few of the songs on Youtube

Please click to watch


Prag said...

Dear sadananda da iam pragyan kakoti, nagaon.i like your songs and films.i want to be a director and would be happy to be your assistant if you teach me.with thanks and regards..mobile-+91-9706244680.

Ram said...

Hi Sadanand,

How about caling the Assamese TV channels whicjh are ignoring u after the sad demise of Dr. Bhupen hazarika. All TV channel owners are only asking the singers of their own caste of singers of a nearly equal caste to sing songs of Dr. Bhupen hazarika on TV after the death of Dr. Bhupen hazarika.