Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Premier of the “Father”

My short film “Father” (2 min duration) has been officially selected for New York International Independent Film & Video Festival 2010 in Los Angeles session to be held from 11th November to 18th November.


It’s been a long time, since I have a dream to fulfill – A dream to introduce a cultural Magazine. The name of the magazine was not known. Few months after analyzing, I have finally come down with a beautiful name “Geet”, meaning music. It is a cultural magazine that comes bundled with Assamese art, drama, folk, culture, music, cinema and lots more. The first issue has already been published in the month of October 2010. I am the editor and Mr. Swapnanil Baruah is the Advisory editor of the cultural magazine, “Geet”. The magazine is circulated free of cost.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Re-release of music album

Hello friends,

Myself, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and my friend Sankar Barua (at present Director General of Police, Assam) did an album 'Ami ake khon naowre jatri' (we are in the same boat brother) in 2005. Now the producer Brahmaputra films want to re-release the album on 8th Sept, 2010 the birthday of Dr. Hazarika. I translated two famous English songs 'Buffalo Soldier' of Bob Marley and ' Kesera Kesera' in to Assamese. Hope you would like the album.

Best Regards
Sadananda Gogoi

Monday, August 30, 2010

My New albums

Good evening. I wanna give good news. I have started two new albums. one is Borgeet of Srimanta Sankaradeva and Madhabdeva. Another one is Assamese modern Songs album 'Rangin Jiban. It will be solo album both in audio and video. Both the albums shall be released during the month of October and November.

Best Regards

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my birthday

hi, my birthday is on 31st august

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aemuti Geet-music video album

Sadananda Gogoi's latest music video album "Aemuthi Geet"
(Singer/Composer/Lyricist/Director by Sadanada Gogoi)
You can watch few of the songs on Youtube

Please click to watch

Mone Mur Koina Bisaare

Honorable Minister of Cultural Department, Assam Mr. Bharat Chandra Norah at Mahurat of the Assamese Digital film " Mone Mur Koina Bisaare" at Jyotichitrobon Guwahati on 14th June 2009

Produced by: Zakir Hussain