Monday, November 24, 2008

Poster of film "Lachit Borphukan"

Poster of my film "Lachit Borphukan" designed by Rupam Sarma,Guwahati

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Music album on Dalai Lama “Your Holiness” will be screened at NYIIFVF 2008

"You are the ocean of wisdom,
you are the wisdom of kindness,
you are the ocean of hope,
for thousand people,
who lost their country,
you bring wave of compassion to the world,
oh! your holiness Dalai Lama.".........

This song has been composed and sung by Sadananda Gogoi. The music video "Your Holiness" will be screened at New York International Independent film & Video festival(NYIIFVF) 5th. Dec, 2008. (

Thursday, November 20, 2008


In the present world, the Dalai Lama is a well known name.His policy of non-violence has been recognized by the world community. Dalai Lama,the Nobel Peace Prize
recipient, is a spiritual leader of Tibet.Dalai Lama fled from his Himalayan homeland in 1950, after Chinese occupation.Now he resides at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh (India) where he established his government, in exile.
The song "YOUR HOLINESS" is dedicated to the Dalai Lama for his peaceful effort to resolve the Tibetan issue and advocating of non-violence like Mahatma Gandhi.

Sadananda Gogoi
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mahurat of film 'Lachit Barphukan'

Honourable Chief Minister of Assam Mr. Tarun Gogoi at Mahurat of The film 'Lachit Barphukan' 18th Jan'08 ,
Produced by: Ministry of Tourism Assam

Sadananda Gogoi (left) with Actor Trikalogya Rabha (right) as Lachit Barphukan in the film 'Lachit Barphukan'

Set of film 'Lachit Barphukan'


Ganesh Gogoi, a genius of the early 20th century died at a young age of 31 years. He was born on 28th August 1907 and died on 21st August 1938 and this is his birth centenary year. He wrote several romantic poems and several famous dramas. His poetry book "PAPARI’ was so famous that from 1930 till 1960 it was regarded as PAPARI era. Among his famous drama: Sakunir Pratisudh' based on great Indian epic "Mahabharata' and 'Kashmir Kuimari' are famous. The documentary entitled 'Ganesh Gogoir Jiban Surabhi' has been produced on his life and works. His childhood, his student life in his native place Jorhat( An upper Assam town) that Cotton college, Guwahati and Kashi Hindu university(Now Benarash Hindu university) has been documented. Early part of his creative life also has been dramatist keeping the period intact. His few famous dramas have been pictures in century old 'Jorhat theatre' where Ganesh Gogoi used to stage these dramas. The song "Bitat Tirebirai padumar pahi' has been shown repeatedly because this song influenced in his life in several side. Ganesh Gogoi never married. His tragic death is still like a tragic story for the Assamese people and this scene has been picturised artistically.
This film was officially selected for South Asian Film Festival 2007 at Dhaka..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

61e De Cannes Festival,2008

at Short Film Corner,Festival De Cannes

Assam at the Cannes edge - Two filmmakers make it to French film extravaganza

The Telegraph,Guwahati, May 14 2008: The agony of Machang Lalung’s unjust confinement will fill the screen at Cannes Film Festival this year, as will a story of caste conflict, thanks to the efforts of two young filmmakers from Assam.
Aneisha Sharma’s Freedom at the Edge, which deals with the unlawful detention of Machang Lalung for 54 years in a Tezpur asylum, and Sadananda Gogoi’s Darkness of Century, a story about superstition, will be screened at the short film corner of the Cannes Film Festival, beginning today.
Sharma and Gogoi, of course, cannot hide their glee, with both looking forward to a great learning experience and also the fact that it will motivate young filmmakers to explore the “new world”.
Freedom had won the best docu-drama award at the Boston Film Festival while Darkness had won Gogoi the best international directorial debut at the New York Festival.
“It’s a big honour because despite the talent we have, not much is known outside. We have some proposals, which we will take up with producers, directors, distributors, critics. It’s such a big platform,” Sharma said.
Gogoi, a noted music director before this film happened, said: “This has given people like us a chance to showcase our talent. Format is not a problem nowadays. Last year they screened a 90-minute film made on the mobile phone. I am looking forward to the experience.”
Both filmmakers left for Cannes today from Delhi.
The stills of the two films have been uploaded on the official website of Festival De Cannes, which says the Short Film Corner was set up in 2004 to help find “new talents, who benefit from exceptional conditions to promote their movie, to sell it or be under the spotlight”.
The website states that the corner will showcase over 1,780 short films from around 80 countries this year. “All these films are digitised and will be permanently viewable by the festival attendees on 40 or so interactive screens,” it stated.
Altaf Mazid, a filmmaker and a member of the jury of films critics at Cannes in 2006, said this is first time that two short films by Assamese directors are being screened at the festival.
Let’s rain down, a 2007 short film on the plight of a girl-child whose parents died of AIDS by Bhaskarjyoti Das and The Passage by the London-based Sanchayita Sharma Goswami in 2005 were the other films to make the cut.
“Filmmakers from the state are going to Cannes, which is not a cakewalk given the running around one needs to do and the financial involvement, something which was missing so far. Screening of the films will arouse curiosity in the films as well as the region. It is a welcome development and needs to be lauded.”
“What Cannes will do is expose them to new styles of making and marketing their products that will reach a global audience, besides attracting attention to Assamese films which have not got their due,” Mazid said.
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

At New York International Independent Film & Video Festival 2007

Sadananda Gogoi (left) at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival 2007.He received the Best International Directorial Debut for his short film “Darkness of Century”(Photo: Sadananda Gogoi at New York )

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

welcome to my Blog....

I started my career as a singer, composer and lyricist since my age of twenty. As radio singer and Lyricist I became popular in my state. With the beginning of the audiocassette era in late eighties of the last century my songs became popular in cassettes also. More than hundred audio albums have been released so far. I started my carrier in television production on a regular basis from the year 1997 with a 85 episodes song based serial in Indian state own television channel ‘Doordarshan.’ Since than I have produced more than 15 long serials for ‘Doordarshan’. I have worked as assistant/Production advisor with Dr. Bhupen Hazarika in his films. As a Singer I have performed extensively in the USA, Canada, Australia and in United Kingdom I was invited by United Nations in its conference held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994. I also attended the ‘Global Cultural diversity conference’ held in Sydney, Australia in 1995organized by Australian Prime Minister's office and Multicultural department which was inaugurated by the than UN Secretary general Bruitos Bruitos Ghali. My latest work “Satikar Andhar” (Darkness of Century),a short film on superstitious believe has awarded New York International Independent film & Video festival(NYIIFVF) 2007, as the Best International Directorial Debut award. The NYIIFVF is one of the largest film festival of the World. The same film was screened by the prestigious 'FESTIVAL DE CANNES' 2008 in its short film corner.
I have started this blog to let the world know about my works in the field of music and film.

Sadananda Gogoi,Singer/Filmmaker Assam/Guwahati